The Norway Chapter

An evening stoll through Trondheim


As the days get longer and the sun shines stronger – it was time to do one of the ‘mandatory’ photo walks through Trondheim to capture the soft and warm evening sun. The city center is very well explorable by foot and the colorful buildings just add a certain charm. I started at the old towns bridge and walked up to the top to the fortress which is the white bulky building on the panorama picture in my first post. The sunset here is enormously slow at the moment and I started to shoot way to early – when the real action happend my hands were already frozen and all I wanted is a coffee and some gloves.
There is not much more of an update from my side, only that i can find a regularity in each day by now. Getting up, going to university, doing this, doing that – everything has finally settled down to a routinish pace. Still it is much more than a usual routine living in this very interessting melting pot uf cultures. My four flat mates are from Nepal, Ethiopia and Portugal and this makes discussions interestingly diverse. One day, I might introduce them here.

Apart from that, there is not much more to say despite wishing you a lot of fun going trough my pictures.

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The Norway Chapter

Trondheim #1


As I decided to move to Norway till summer to pursue a term at the NTNU in Trondheim, I had high expectations concerning Norway’s landscapes and sceneries. All over the internet you can find these enormous landscapes and magnificent views. It is even better in reality! I have only explored a small part of Trondheim so far, but for now I really like it! There is so much to be told, but I will try to limit myself to the bare essentials. Winter in Norway is dark and dark and sometimes cold but as spring aproaches days get longer and the colors start to shine!

After finishing an intensive term in Switzerland and flying back and forth for my exams, I settled down a little and can now start to appreciate the extra time I have. The last months were like a roller coaster ride with its ups and downs, quitting my job, deciding for this term here implied a lot of consequences which brought additional turbulences to my already busy lifestyle back home. At the moment I am glad to take things ‘slower’ – having the time to drink coffee and just read a book seams like the best reward for the past months.

View from Tyholt tower down on Trondheim on a cloudy day. The colors of the houses just look amazing! It is really fascinating to see all these buildings painted in their red, yellow and blueish colors – it gives this place just a unique charm.

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My Words

Seriously does the world need another blog? Yes!

My Name is Martin Stypinski and my close friends call me Styp and for this reason I have choosen this domain for my creative space. For a long time I wanted to share my pictures with more people and make them enjoy a piece of my story. For too long the pictures were just taken and then stored on my harddrive. Only a few ot them made it into a frame.

Hi, I’m Martin

Right now, I am pursuing a masters degree at the University of Applied Sciences in Rapperswil Switzerland in computer science. Until recently, I worked and studied as a software engineer but for this term I took a break from working in order to experience a term abroad. My bachelors degree in computer science was focused on software engineering because I really enjoy creating things and helping people make their daily lifes more and more automated. I have this passion for solving problems, less so for staring into a flat screen. I believe life has more to offer than 24 inch and that an engineering degree gives you the ability for structured problem solving. It is much more than just a skill set you need to have in order to presue a daily job as an engineer. At the moment I am in Trondheim Norway enjoying an Erasmus term until summer 2017. For now I am just looking forward to this amazing time in Norway.

What is this blog about

This blog is meant to be a story telling plattform in pictures. If you enjoy reading it, please feel free to comment – I am grateful for every single comment and everybody who supports me. I want to tell my story in just a few little words and share the moment when it ‘clicked’. Pictures will dominate as I love documentary style photography that need not many words to explain its context. Having this blog is also a good way of reminding me to shoot in busy times and just relax and create some unique content. In the end the picture tells the story, but the story has to be lived to be told.

Are you out of your mind, we really have to read this in English?

Yes! I am strong believer in the 10’000 hours rule. Practice till perfect – this means you have to ‘enjoy’ my dodgy English while I am trying to get better. Seriously, with a few English lines I can practice my writing and also reach a broader audience – win win situation. I will be able to share my perspective on the world with both my German-speaking friends and everyone else I met over the last few years in many corners of this planet.

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